Latest Jobs:

Wattis Coal Fire completed excavation and sealing of two burning coal mine portals outside of Price, Utah
Tetra Tech EM Inc. unexploded ordnance (UXO) support services in Limestone Hills, North Helena Valley, MT.
Montana Army National Guard construction support and weed control services in the Limestone Hills.
Holcim (US) Inc. Mine permiting and map updating.



Weave Consulting Inc. / Resource Management Associates (RMA) is a Weave Management Group company based in Billings, Montana providing professional environmental consulting services to mining companies, private landowners and state and federal agencies.  Primary experience includes state and federal mine permit development; land reclamation design for mining and pipeline disturbance; surveying for environmental mapping; design build reclamation projects for abandoned coal mines; fire erosion control; abandoned mine land aerial inventory; providing environmental inspection and design build reclamation of oil and natural gas pipeline projects in North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

RMA has executed successful mining permits and reclamation plans with State and federal agencies for a variety of projects including: underground gold mining, talc, cement, limestone, iron ore, gypsum and gravel quarry operations.  Clients include Graymont Western US Inc., Ash Grove Cement Company, Holcim (US) Inc., Barretts Minerals Inc., Noble Excavating Inc., Badger Materials Inc. and Elkhorn Goldfields Inc.

We have performed reclamation services for over 20 years.  Our experience in reclamation gives us an understanding of effective reclamation methods and strategies.  Reclamation success is based on understanding the unique conditions and variables of each site.  Each site has its own conditions and challenges that require the application of the following standards:

  • Knowledge of reclamation regulations and requirements.
  • Site investigation, surveying and mapping.
  • Proper equipment selection and personnel requirements.
  • Soil salvage operations.
  • Stormwater control/construction.
  • Soil and water chemistry.
  • Native seeding and planting.
  • Invasive weed control