Latest Jobs:

Wattis Coal Fire completed excavation and sealing of two burning coal mine portals outside of Price, Utah
Tetra Tech EM Inc. unexploded ordnance (UXO) support services in Limestone Hills, North Helena Valley, MT.
Montana Army National Guard construction support and weed control services in the Limestone Hills.
Holcim (US) Inc. Mine permiting and map updating.


Current Projects

Montana Army National Guard
Weed spray; construction support in Limestone Hills.

Holcim (US) Inc.
Future permit amendments; stockpile survey; annual reports.

Ash Grove Cement Company, Montana City, Montana
Annual reports; map preparation; water sampling; permit amendments

Graymont Western U S Inc. 1999-2013 Townsend, MT.
Haul Road design, survey and construction. Reclamation, stormwater and weed control.

Completed Projects

Tetra Tech EM Inc. 
Unexploded ordnance (UXO) support services in Limestone Hills, Townsend, MT.

Wattis Coal Fire, 
Yerba Buena Engineering and Construction, Inc., Spectrum Engineering. Price, Utah 2013.
RMA Inc. in partnership with Quarry Services Inc. provided a walking excavator and workers to access and close two burning coal mine portals outside of Price, Utah.

Holcim Inc. Trident MT2008, 2013 .
Operating permit for Geyser gypsum mine.  Operating Permit update/consolidation and annual report for the Black Butte Mine.

Ash Grove Cement Company, Mt. City, MT 2005-2013
Annual reporting and ground water sampling.  Development of low flow groundwater sampling technique.
Volume calculations of coke piles.  Permit amendment combining Clark Gulch and Plant operating permits.
Weed spraying of exploration properties.

Graymont Western U S Inc. Townsend, MT1991-2013 .
Implementation of Visual Resource Management study, a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) process for Environmental Impact Statement.
Environmental Impact Statement coordination and assistance. Assisted vegetation, browse, T and E species, archaeological and geological survey of 1300+ acres.

Managed Annual reporting, mapping, editing, and groundwater sampling. Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) clearance of exploration routes; designed and constructed access roads and drill pads.  Site Safety Officer (SSO) for drilling operations for South Claims exploration project.  Provide Site Safety Officer for multiple contractors accessing Graymont claims and Limestone Hills National Guard Range areas.

Montana Department of Military Affairs/Montana Army National Guard UXO Projects. Limestone Hills and North Helena Valley, MT 1997 – 2013.
Provided vegetation thinning, surveying, construction support, UXO techs and services, stormwater and weed control.

Alliance Pipeline, Inc. (1998-1999)
Supervision and construction of pipeline reclamation project in Montana and North Dakota.

Badger Materials, Inc., Townsend, MT (2004)
Permit for sand and gravel operation.

Barretts Minerals, Inc., Dillon, MT (2005-2012)
Mine amendments, mapping, and annual reports for the Treasure and Regal mines. Annual reports and maps for Treasure Mine, Regal Mine and Plant. Drafting of Environmental Assessment for the Regal Mine. Creation of Life of Mine Expansion Plan for the Regal Mine. Permit consolidation of the Treasure Mine.

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Eagle Butte, South Dakota (2000-2002)
UXO survey of reservation for 20mm aerial shells.

Elkhorn Golden Dream, Boulder, MT (2005-2007)
Creation of operating permit for Golden Dream Mine. Lead Draft/coordinator of Environmental Assessment for the Golden Dream Mine.

Express Pipeline (1996-1998)
Supervision and construction of pipeline reclamation project in Wyoming and Montana.

Noble Excavating, Inc., Libby, MT (2011-2012)
Permit for rock quarry operation.

Santa Fe Pacific Gold, Albuquerque, New Mexico (1994-1996)
Exploration and baseline studies for potential gold mine in Elkhorn, MT.

Schumaker Trucking and Excavating, Inc.,  Great Falls, MT (2003-2004)
Permit for sand and gravel operation.  Consult on development and submittal of US Forest Service RFP.